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It really works!
It really works! I was sceptical in the beginning but I now have bare skin where once there was hair:) Never have to shave again... it's really addictive. There is always another spot that is in need of a little permanent hair removal.
Michelle M.
I spent two years having laser treatments and spent $1800 and was not even close
I spent two years having laser treatments and spent $1800 and was not even close to being hair-free. In fact, I was right back where I started. Then I found Jade Electrolysis who delivered permanent results. I have had permanent hair removal as promised... and most importantly, I trust Jade Electrolysis completely. They are definitely the hair removal specialists.
Angela MacKenzie
I've been going to Jade on and off for several years now.

I've been going to Jade on and off for several years now. I started off getting rid of unwanted facial hair -- not many girls like having a beard and a moustache, or a five o'clock shadow -- and have been going back every so often to treat other areas. I'm a real delicate flower and need the numbing cream just so I can have the freezing injections (I've seen other people have electrolysis without any numbing -- not me!!), but I know it's totally worth it because once that hair is gone, it's gone. Jennifer is great and very knowledgeable, and all her staff is good, too. They can remove hair from any part of your body -- don't be shy -- and even though I get a rash afterwards I don't care because it's not any worse that razor burn and the hair takes way longer to come back.

I send all my friends to Jade with the same advice -- some people take more treatments than others (my hair is very stubborn), but if you invest in regular treatments eventually the hair will go, and then you can part company with your razor forever.

Karen S.
A year ago, I went to Jade and had a consultation with Jennifer
A year ago, I went to Jade and had a consultation with Jennifer, the owner, to address my facial hair issues. She answered all of my questions about the pros and the cons (which there are VERY few of) honestly and I decided to go ahead. After being completely satisfied (understatement!) with the results over a relatively short time, I have since moved on to have other areas of my body treated. Jade is the only clinic I have encountered on my hair-free journey, that has the matajet freezing system. Once this has been administered, any work being done on the body is completely pain free. For real! I was considered a somewhat difficult case because I have very "strong hair and weak skin" but after only 4 sessions (2-3 hrs ea), the large area of my body that was being treated is almost hair-free. I would predict that I will need one more session and I will never, ever have to worry about something that has been such a source of embarrassment for me for my entire adult life! It's an amazing feeling. 🙂 Jade is not the first company I've had electrolysis with but they are the only clinic where I've experienced the professionalism and results that I've been searching for for many years. I highly recommend them to anyone considering electrolysis.
Jenny M
I've had electrolysis treatments since I was a very self-conscious
I've had electrolysis treatments since I was a very self-conscious teenager in 1970. It was terribly painful at that time and minimally effective. It was also something that I could never talk about. Over the years I've worked with many people but I've never had the kind of success that I've had with Karen this past year. She's professional, caring and the results are swift and amazing. I've encouraged friends to see her and they are also so pleased with the results and Karen's kind and professional manner.
Brenda M
Jade is excellent. 5 out of 5.
Jade is excellent. 5 out of 5. They have always been kind, patient, and very professional, answering all my questions with lots of info. The clinic is clean, bright, and cheery. And the results have been amazing! I got my back done (no guy wants a hairy back), and was so impressed that I have since had other areas treated. This is your chance to look the way you want to look. The results speak for themselves. And they are excellent. I am a very happy customer!
Ocean M.
Excellent service and value
Excellent service and value. friendly service and professional. results were great and still hair-free. thx Jade!
Sam G.
I had tried a number of different methods
I had tried a number of different methods of hair removal over the past 11 years and had no success. Following having treatments with laser hair removal I ended up with significantly more facial hair than I had had prior to the treatments. This was never mentioned to me as a side effect when I started the treatments and I have since learned this does happens to a percentage of people who have laser hair removal treatments. For 6 years I had been going in for weekly electrolysis treatments at 2 different locations with no improvement. When I questioned the technicians about this I was always told it was probably a "hormonal" issue and had nothing to do with the treatment and to continue with the weekly sessions. Feeling that the problem was mine and not being aware of any other options I continued on with the hope the situation would improve. I was left with scarring and nerve damage. After doing some research on the internet I made an appointment with Jade Electrolysis and wish I would have discovered Jade years earlier. I saw significant reduction in hair growth after 4 sessions and now after 5 months my treatments are weeks apart and the duration of the sessions are getting shorter every time. My skin is clear, the ingrown hairs are no longer an issue and the regrowth is thin and sparse to the point that I no longer notice the regrowth in between sessions. The staff are professional and have made me feel comfortable as well as been very educational in regards to all aspects of the process. Both Jennifer and Christine have been wonderful to deal with and I have recommended them to others.
Paula G.
I have been seeing Jennifer Desloges
I have been seeing Jennifer Desloges for electrolysis for many years. Her service is excellent, the place is spotless and she is great in getting the customer what he/she wants. I would recommend Jade to anyone---in fact my daughter goes there too and she is more than satisfied.
Celine-Lise G.
I have been trying to rid myself of embarrassing facial hair
I have been trying to rid myself of embarrassing facial hair for over 10 years. It has been an expensive, painful waste of time until I started with Christine at Jade. She is extremely knowledgeable, patient and precise. The room is always spotless and she is on time. Yes it costs but so does all the other methods which only caused my hair to grow thicker and darker. I have tried over 5 laser companies and 3 different electrologists until I was recommended the ladies at Jade. If you want a quality treatment from the professionals go to jade, if you want to waste money and time go elsewhere!
I'm happy to have found this place.
I can hardly think of anyone so committed to her work than Karen. She is very accommodating with scheduling appointments (she works seven days a week). The space is immaculate; very professional, clean, and conveniently located. She is enthusiastic about what she does, and she listens to the concerns of her clients. I also found her very fair with pricing--she charges only for the time she spends even if the appointment was for longer. I'm happy to have found this place.
Deena R.
Jennifer and her team got it right.
As a male who has been getting my wild eyebrows under control for years now, my number one request was I didn't want them to look "treated", or too perfect. After several hit and misses with four other electrolysis centres around town, Jennifer and her team got it right. I am getting the permanent results that I want, and with the gradual removal of hair nobody can tell that my eyebrows are being treated. They have a great eye for shape and the most skilled hands I have been to. Gents, if you want your hair removed, do it here.
Jeremy K
Give it a try, they are extremely professional
After bad laser experiences and after checking other electrolysis places, I want to say that I'm extremely satisfied with the treatment that I had at Jade Electrolysis. I never write reviews, but when I was looking for a place to have an electrolysis treatment i was reading all the reviews to find out a place that will be worth to try and I thought if I find a place that I like I will write a review to help other people in this situation. Give it a try, they are extremely professional and they know what they are doing. The treatment can be a bit painful if you don't use any cream or freezing but this works, you can start seeing the results after 3 sessions and it only gets better and better. I love the team there, they're great professionals.
I couldn't be happier with Jade
I just finished a long treatment plan to remove my beard which has troubled me for 25 years. I couldn't be happier with Jade, they really worked with me over the past 6 months to map out the plan, make sure my skin recovery and pain management were successful. I've been able to go about my normal life while going through the process. The key thing is having so much experience in the clinic to assess changes and situations as they happen. It's also a professionally run and clean clinic, and the staff are all great people
Simon F.
I am very pleased with the results!
For years I'd been thinking of doing more permanent 'manscaping' in the 'bikini area', but for obvious reasons had held off. As a man, I had expected electrolysis on the bathing suit area to be perhaps somewhat physically painful but most likely embarrassingly awkward. I looked online off and on and when I found Jade's website, I got a good vibe. Jennifer, the proprietor, put a lot of information on her site and overall I got a strong sense of professionalism and competence. I decided to give it a shot. I called them up and had to ask the awkward question about whether they could help me. Jennifer repeated Jade's mantra "any hair, anywhere". The anticipation was by far the worst part. The procedure itself was incredibly painless both physically and psychologically. The entire process was extremely professional and all awkwardness disappeared immediately. As for the results, well I am 80% through the process and I couldn't be more pleased. The regular 'manscaping' that was required is no longer, and I am very near the point where tweezing will be a thing of the past. I couldn't recommend Jade Electrolysis enough. I wouldn't change a thing about their service, and I am very pleased with the results!
Craig T.
Thank you Jade!
I had tried every single other method of hair removal before coming to jade, including but not limited to waxing, bleaching, plucking, shaving, threading, laser... At another Vancouver business for laser - I had 8 treatments of laser on my upper lip and chin. Everything seemed to be moving along and the hair was disappearing. Within a year not only was the hair growing back but thicker, darker and in areas it had never been. Within 2 years I was miserable, caught between a rock (I was naturally growing facial hair) and a hard place (I hated it - is that me talking or social pressures?). Strangers thought I had dirt on my face and if i shaved, I would have shadow by the end of the day. I could only find limited information on Electrolysis and many websites said if you weren't careful in picking your electrolysis that you could get scarring on your body 6 months after a visit... of course they didn't say what to look for which made this that much scarier. I started out with a very kind and friendly lady but the electrolysis was lengthy and my face had an awful reaction (scabbing, redness, swollen). I then moved to Jade Electrolysis on Broadway and MacDonald. BEST MOVE I EVER MADE. Family business where everyone is knowledgeable and answer your questions honestly. Reception is friendly and soon bookable online. The owner is professional, experienced, and friendly. She has many years of not only practicing but teaching behind her and I trust her with my face! I bought cream (they sell it, easy peazy!) that I apply half an hour before a visit that numbs my face and helps with any pain. Epsom salts applied to my face twice as Jade Electrolysis recommends, and I've noticed that the puffiness that I used to have in response is getting milder with every visit. I don't have any scabbing since I made the switch. My hair is thinner, and barely there now. I am so grateful for Jade Electrolysis and the work they have done for me. Not to mention their optional reminder (for appointments only) calls! I can finally concentrate on other things and not worry about people staring at my face. Hair just wasn't for me. Thank you Jade!
Jessica G.
Jade electrolysis is amazing
Jade electrolysis is amazing. I've spent a fortune on laser hair removal that didn't work! Have had amazing results with Jennifer at Jade.
Yvonne M.
I am happy with the results
I am extremely lucky to have found Karen as my electrologist. She is wonderful at what she does, aspires to provide high quality treatment, and is generally a wonderful person as well that really facilitates the whole electrolysis process and makes it even easier. I have only good things to say about Karen - have been going to her for 8 months now, and am happy with the results. Completely recommend her
Saima F.
I highly recommend Karen at Jade Electrolysis.
I recently moved to Vancouver from L.A., and one of my big concerns was finding a good electrologist to continue my treatments (I was getting my face treated: chin, jaw and upper lip etc.). I knew no one in Vancouver and had no references so I just did some research. I came across Jade Electrolysis and randomly picked the downtown location. On my first consultation appointment, when I met Karen, I had a gut feeling that I might have come to the right place. Sure enough, after about an hour's treatment- I was sure about it. I had found an amazing electrologist! Karen has top of the line equipment, a clean and well kept office, and has such a gentle touch that I fell asleep during treatment. To an electrologist, that has to be the ultimate compliment! Karen worked at a good pace, was thorough, and just has such good energy about her. She completely beats out my previous electrologists in the U.S. The best, by far....and I'm seeing great results already after 3 treatments. I highly recommend Karen at Jade Electrolysis.
Hair Removal Gone Right!
Hair Removal Gone Right! I saw an ad for Jade in the Georgia Straight and thought that it was time to seek treatment for permanent hair removal. After YEARS of treatment from another source I was unhappy that the hair kept growing back as if I had just started a first treatment. Happy to say that after only three sessions with Jade, I have already noticed a significant decrease in hair regrowth. Sticking to the removal of the hair based on its growth cycle is important and that was something that was never explained to me before. Jade is very dedicated and passionate about the hair removal that is being done and I finally feel confident that my facial hair will be gone in a timely manner. If you haven't had a consultation, go in for one now! You'll get back your confidence and those tweezers and plucking sessions will be a thing of the past!
Real Results, Highly Recommend Jade!
Real Results, Highly Recommend Jade! I found Jade through a marketing course I was taking. By this point I had tried ineffective laser treatments. There was no permanent hair removal with laser and my skin had discoloration due to laser burns. The dermatologist suggested I stop laser treatments as my skin would burn further and darken; a hugely disappointing prospect. I knew I was in good hands the moment I met Jennifer. She is kind, professional and patient but most importantly knew the struggles that go along with having unwanted facial hair. She is meticulous and takes great pride in her work and skill. I love her enthusiasm and can do attitude and it's exactly what I needed. I've seen her since May and my face looks and feels amazing......permanent hair removal and no discoloration! I highly recommend Jade electrolysis.
Mandy R.
Finally - permanent hair removal!
Finally - permanent hair removal! After going through electrolysis for YEARS with no results, I was so happy to find Jade. I've paid more per visit with Jade than with others but my hair is actually disappearing resulting in fewer visits required. Jenn taught me what to expect from properly executed electrolysis (no pulling) and Jenn is definitely a pioneer in her field and constantly refining her technique. She is doing a service to all by PROPERLY training individuals to use her methods so that this art is not lost. I can now go on a 2 week vacation without worrying that I won't benefit from my bi-weekly electrolysis session (that I later learned was actually a plucking). Jade is the only electrolysis clinic in Vancouver I would recommend.
I would highly recommend Jade Electrolysis.
Distracted by My Eyebrows! I was recommended to Jade Electrolysis through another happy customer. I hadn't thought about getting my eyebrows done before but after meeting Jenn and going through the process I am so happy I did. No more weekly plucking or threading. They have a beautiful, clean office space and I have really enjoyed my time with Jenn. I thought it was something I was just doing for me but last week i had a waitress apologize after stumbling through my menu order saying, "I'm sorry, but your perfect eyebrows are distracting me!". I would highly recommend Jade Electrolysis.
Jade For The Win
Jade For The Win \o/ Jade was my fifth attempt at finding a decent electrologist. Up until I started at Jade I hadn't seen anything in terms of results. The four previous electrologists couldn't even perform blend on my face with the decade old machines they were using as all attempts resulted in strange and unusual discomforts. The atmosphere of the other studios were reminiscent of rundown shanties or cheap hotels and was rather uncomfortable. Jenn is very good at what she does and I feel very re-assured when I go to see her. Her hands are steady and her manner is very professional. She is always trying to keep her technique cutting edge and is striving to be a cut above the rest to ensure that she delivers the most effective and pain-free hair removal solution for her clients. Jenn is also a very pleasant person to be around and has a great sense of humor. I have been a patient of Jade for 2 years now and plan on over time having all my unwanted hair removed. Thx Jenn!
I recommend them highly.
Jennifer and Janine give great service! A girl friend recommended Jade to me. She has been to other electrolysis places, but the results aren't permament. At Jade, they use state of the art equipment with amazing results. The treatment rooms are large and surgical quality clean. The staff were extremely professional, experienced, and made me very comfortable. You can watch a movie during your treatment! I am very happy with my silky smooth skin. No more straining to pluck facial hair out of focus length of my glasses! Jennifer and Janine are very caring and I recommend them highly.
Awesome place, highly recommended!
Awesome place, highly recommended! I am so impressed & pleased with the results I have received from Jennifer & Janine here. I am a 30-year old guy from North Vancouver who used to have a fairly hairy back. After trying out a few electrolygists in the area (and laser-hair-removal places which did not work at all), I came here for a consultation and was immediately impressed by the kind and professional advice. They scheduled me in right away for my treatments, and in less than 1 year my back now looks fantastic......and these are permanent results! I am really impressed. Very clean & tidy, wonderful staff (Jennifer & Janine), and fantastic permanent results. None of this laser mumbo-jumbo!! These are the best electrolygists in Canada, bar none. Plus they have free After-Eight mints at the front desk!!!
Also, they are transgender friendly!
Quote 1: And the results? Flawless. I've been a client for a few months and have nothing but good things to report. both mother and daughter are incredibly professional. Full face hurts enough to make me cry every time, but they have given me all the time I need and made sure I was ok every step. Quote 2: I went every month last summer and gained spectacular results. It did, indeed, hurt like hell, even with numbing cream, but that's to be expected when people are jamming electrified needles into your face. I was warned of this ahead of time and the consultation beforehand clearly demonstrated the pain, risks, and procedure. Both technicians and the receptionist were very discrete and caring, allowing myself and my girlfriend in the room during procedure. I very highly recommend this place to anyone considering permanent hair removal. (Also, they are transgender friendly!)
Anne Andres
I am hair-free for life.
November 2008 To Whom It May Concern: I have facial hair or at least I used to! To some this might sound like some form of Hairy People Anonymous confession, but it is really a testament to the services provided by Jennifer Desloges at West Coast Electrolysis. When I started seeing Jennifer a little over a year ago I was very hesitant and all aspects of Electrolysis. From the pain, to the extensive process, to just having no clue about how electrolysis works, I had a lot of questions. Jennifer answered them thoroughly and put my mind at tremendous ease. I learned that she is not only a practicing electrolysis of over fifteen years, but is an educator, a resource, and a past electrolysis client herself. To me this was a great comfort! Every time I look at my beautifully shaped eyebrows I think of Jennifer hard work.I am very pleased that I never have to pluck, tweeze or get painful waxing. And, what a treat to not have to pack tweezers for a weekend away in case those pesky hairs grow back! It is with great pleasure that I provide a reference for Jennifer Desloges and West Coast Electrolysis. I recommend anybody contemplating permanent hair removal visit Jennifer at her clinic and receive all of the facts needed to make an informed decision. Electrolysis has worked for me, and as Jennifer website says I am hair-free for life.
Deborah Wallace