How Jade Electrolysis Makes Your Hair-Free Dreams a Reality!

f you are looking for a solution to your unwanted hair woes, look no further than Jade Electrolysis! At Jade, we can remove any hair from anywhere on the body, permanently. That’s right, we said permanently!

How are we able to make this promise? Well, electrolysis is the only FDA approved permanent method of hair removal. Electrolysis works by sealing off the hair follicles blood supply, and eliminating the hairs’ food source for growth. Since hair follicles cannot grow back without blood supply, electrolysis prohibits any opportunity for treated areas to re-grow.

Using electrical currents to treat each hair follicle individually, electrolysis is the only long-term technique that gets rid of excessive or unwanted hair, with unsurpassed results. Other hair removal treatments cannot say the same and therefore are not nearly as effective as electrolysis!

Furthermore, electrolysis treatment is effective for all individuals of all skin types, regardless of hair thickness or skin colour. With electrolysis, you can rest assured that you will receive results that are permanent, allowing you to feel confident and beautiful in your own skin.

The professional, certified Electrologists at Jade undergo a rigorous training program on the tried-and-true Desloges Method, using our proprietary equipment and surgically clean treatment rooms. In addition to delivering lifelong results, your health, safety and comfort is the top priority of our practitioners. Since 1989, we’ve been changing the hair removal industry and helping clients improve their confidence and self-esteem. We’ve worked on countless happy clients through the years and many come back again and again for new treatment areas.

If you are interested in trying electrolysis and are ready to ‘get jaded’ contact a Jade Electrolysis professional today and start on your journey to becoming hair-free!
Written by Jade Clinics

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